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The Yellow Man is a must-see

Greenetree’s production of Dael Orlandersmith’s drama The Yellow Man, skillfully directed by Jonathan Wilson, is outstanding. Run, don’t walk, to Stage 773 to experience the magic Israel Greene (Gene) and Deanne K. Reed (Alma) generate as they portray a series of small-town southerners to expose the impact of skin-color hierarchy on the lives of these African-American characters.


Reverend Feelgood

“Reverend Feelgood” is a private poem written about a former lover’s (he was not a reverend) struggle between a vow  of chastity and temptation.


That Brother They Call “D”

I wrote the poem, “That brother they call D” after asking a former lover, “What’s your favorite part of your  body?” He looked up at me and without hesitation said, “My d*ck.” Hmm, that’s my favorite part of his body too, I thought, we must be soul mates.


My Children

I wrote the poem “My Children” for all of the children we aborted for the moments we mourn.


After the Quake

“Rousseau grew up in Haiti… “After the Quake” was written before the earthquake of 2010, but later she added some  lines to refer to the disaster, and also used some lyrics from songs by Boukman Eksperyans, the famous Haitian Band.

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